Kelly Kline footjob

Sweet Kelly Kline providing hand and feet job

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Valerie Hart and Georgia Jones Footworship

Val’s never been with another woman before, but Georgia is well-schooled in the art of Sapphic seduction. She begins by lovingly caressing Val’s toes with her tongue. Georgia’s eyes light up when she finds that Val is ready and willing to return the foot love. Val licks Georgia’s size 7′s like there’s no tomorrow. Not content to stop there, Georgia invites Val to massage her clit with her toes, then returns the favor with gusto! Georgia wants to know what Mexican pussy tastes like and dives in for a taste. Val, eager to learn some things as well, pulls Georgia onto her and starts licking that beautiful bald pussy – there is no stopping this noob carpet muncher once she starts! The girls then pull out their favorite vibrating toys and take turns hiding them in each other’s pussies.

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Stephanie Cane Flexible Brunette Footjob

Stephanie Cane was an interesting girl. One of those veterans (after 2 years in the biz) who’s 22 going on 50, if you know what I mean. She has HUGE hazel eyes and tiny, adorable, size 5.5 feet. She claims her deep voice and cough are the result of giving up smoking.

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Brooke Lee Adams Feet Fetish

Brooke Lee Adams has a foot fetish of sorts herself. In fact, she’s masturbating to her favorite foot porn when she gets caught by her friend Mikey. He’s more than willing to try it with her, and when all is done he blasts his load on her perfect feet and she licks it off.

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Foot slapping is Amanda’s game

The time has come for horny femdom darling Amanda to show what she can do with her sexy toes, and these pics speak more than a thousand words. She has just met this dude and he was intrigued when she started talking about the foot worship games. He wasn?t that sure that he knows what she is talking about, but as soon as he came to her place, it was clear to him. Amanda wanted him to get naked, and this dude thought that he is going to get lucky, but licking her toes is not what he had in mind, that is for sure. She has soft feet and little toes which are made for licking, and since she was more than horny, there was no time for her to take off her lingerie at all and reveal those nice little boobies and sensitive nipples made for twisting and spreading all night long. Her twat was getting totally wet and that meant one thing, that she is about to get off soon, and this dude noticed it. He started licking even faster and in the end he became a fan of foot slapping and licking?

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Choking her black slave with feet

Monica definitely knows what she is doing and when she wants to play female domination or femdom games with her black BF, then that is what she is going to do. This time she is going to use her soft feet in order to make him horny, but that truth is that it is actually making her super horny and that it is only a matter of time when her beaver is going to get all wet. This dude loves the fact that he can?t touch her but she is so close to him? Monica told him that if he manages to get horny after she is touching his black boner with her toes, she is going to let him feel her foot in his mouth, and that made him even hornier and ready for some more tongue action? There are not that many foot worship interracial galleries on the internet and that is only one of the reasons for you to check out these wonderful pictures. This girl knows what she is doing and it is more than obvious that she has done this before and that she is going to do it again?

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Lorena Bitch Footjob

It is definitely more than hard to resist Lorena Bitch?s high heels as she is teasing her slave and making him lick her feet, and she didn?t even take off her heels. She is about to do that, for sure, but before that all this guy can do is hope that she is not going to hurt him bad. His dick is getting rock hard, and that is not going to change if she continues using her feet to tease him all night long. Lorena Bitch just wants to have some fun and the thing about this babe that he loves the most is that she is into foot worship. Even though he has never tried it before, there is something interesting in licking girls? feet and sucking toes, and that is what he is doing in this gallery? Oh, she is very cruel and merciless and that is something guys love about girls the most. Her tanned Latina butt is made for face sitting and she is basically choking him with her round ass cheeks. It is hard for him to breathe and that is why he loves Lorena Bitch even more.

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Ezmie Lee Earns an A with a Foot Job

Ezmie Lee is the best student in class…until today. She received the grade for the mid-term exam last week. A big D on the page isn’t the best visual for Ezmie, infuriating her instantly. How dare the professor give her such a grade? Doesn’t he know who she is? This hottie gets exactly what she wants, no matter what it takes. She confronts him after class, demanding he changes the grade. Of course he refuses. There’s no way she’s going to let this go. She grabs him by the sweater and pulls him onto the couch of the teacher’s lounge. Each article of clothing she takes off for him is a letter grade. But to earn her A+, she gladly pulls out his dick and wraps her sexy feet around his shaft. She noticed his wandering eyes land on her high heels, especially when she’s wearing open toed shoes. Lucky for him, she’s wearing her favorite pair of tight shiny pantyhose, soft to the touch. She taunts him with her perfect round ass, letting him spank it as she works his dick between her curvaceous arches, tickling his balls with her cute wiggly toes. We’re wondering if she usually does this to earn her straight A’s. It’s definitely the best way to get what she wants.

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Natalie Heart’s Foot Job Slave

Having a foot slave around the house is quite great for any hot babe with a foot job fetish. Natalie Heart has one of her own. She gets horny all the time so he’s a busy guy. We were able to stop by and watch what she makes her foot boy do. She calls him over and tells him to worship her feet with his mouth and hands, making him gag on her toes. She loves it when he sucks on her toes and heels. When she starts rubbing his crotch, it’s time to pull out the dick and let her work it. Whenever she does, she always starts things off with a pair of silky shiny pantyhose, smoothing it up and down his shaft. She allows her slave to get aggressive and tear her pantyhose for a easier glide. She loves lying on her back and feet in the air for her slave to fuck them. It almost feels like she’s being fucked in her pussy. She’s ready for a load of hot cum on her feet. It does wonders for her skin. It’s the best way to keep her feet soft and sexy.

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